Run Graphical Applications in TerpConnect Using X11 for Macintosh

Used with Secure Shell (SSH), the X11 application in Mac OS X provides a secure interface for connecting to remote systems such as TerpConnect. X11 is often used for running applications that need an X environment with a graphical interface, such as Mathematica, MATLAB, or SAS.

Begin using X11 with SSH

  1. Double-click the X11 icon to launch the application. X11 is located in the Utilities folders in the Applications folder.

       X11 icon

  2. An X11 window will appear with a command prompt.
  3. At the prompt, enter xhost and press Return.
  4. At the prompt, enter ssh -X and press Return.
  5. You will be prompted to enter your Directory password.
    • Steps 1-5 are pictured here:


  6. Once you successfully login, a TerpConnect command prompt will appear and you will be ready to launch graphical applications.

For more information on using X Windows applications, please see Displaying X Windows Applications on Remote Systems.