Find a Lost iPhone or iPad Using the Find iPhone App

The Find My iPhone feature is a tool that can be used to locate missing iPhones or iPads.

NOTE: Find My iPhone requires the use of iOS 5 or above. To use the Lost Mode you must be using iOS 6 or later. To use the Find My iPhone as demonstrated, you must use the same Apple ID for each device.


  1. Go to the App Store, tap Search, then enter Find My iPhone.
    Select App Store
  2. Download the App and the Find iPhone icon will install on your device.
    Download Find my iPhone
  3. Tap the Find iPhone App to open it. Log in using your Apple ID and Password. Tap Sign in.
    Open App
  4. The My Devices window opens. Tap the device you are looking for. NOTE: A green dot indicated the device is online while a gray dot indicates it is not.
    Select Device
  5. The Location window opens to a map which shows the current location of the device. If this information does not help you find what you are looking for, click the right arrow by the device name to see more options.
    Use Locator
  6. The Info window opens and at the bottom you see three options: Play SoundLost Mode, and Erase iPhone. If the device is online the following will happen should you click on the icon:

    • Play Sound: The sound will play for two minutes. If the device is offline it will play the next time it is online.

    • Lost Mode: Tap Lost Mode and follow the online instructions. The current passcode will be used to unlock the device. If you are asked to enter a phone number, do so as the number will appear on the locked screen. If you are asked to enter a message, write that the device is lost and how to contact you.

    • Erase iPhone: Tap Erase iPhone and you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password. Enter a message that will be displayed on the screen when the device is online. If you later recover your device you can restore your information using the iCloud backup (NOTE: this feature must be turned on and in use before the device is erased for it to be able to restore your settings.)
      Device Information

For more information, view How to Setup iCloud or use Find my iPhone.