Download and Edit a Document in Google Docs Using Box

Box allows customers to make use of various third party apps and services such as Google Docs for collaboration and revision. Box customers can to quickly and easily connect with Google Docs to download and edit files stored on Box. To learn how to edit a document by connecting to Google Docs from Box, follow the steps listed below:

NOTE: Only file types supported by Google Docs may be downloaded and edited according to the steps below.

  1. From the All Files tab on the Box User Homepage or within a folder, mouse over to the to the right of the file name and click the More Options icon More Options icon. Then click Integration and Edit with Google Docs.
    Click Edit with Google Docs
  2. The Edit with Google Docs window will open. Click the Okay button to continue opening the application.
    Edit with Google Docs window opens
  3. An Edit with Google Docs window will open. Click Allow to continue.
    Click Allow
  4. The selected file will open in a Google Docs Content Editor window.
    Select Content Editor
  5. To save the file to a Google Drive, click File tab from the top menu bar and then select Download as and then select the appropriate file type to download.

    Google Docs File Download

  6. Google Docs will auto-save any edits made to the document while the Google Docs window is open. To manually save the file to a Google Drive, click File in the top menu bar then select Download. Select and click the appropriate file type to download the file to a Google Drive.

  7. Closing the Google Docs window will force the file to save in Box. This version will overwrite the most current stored version of the file.

    Google Docs Save in Box