Upload a New Version of a File in Box with Version Control

Box allows customers to track document revisions and edit through its Version Control capability. Version Control becomes active when a new version of a stored file is uploaded and the existing file is overwritten.  As new files are uploaded, Box maintains a Version History Log of file uploads and overwrites. The version history log also enables customers to store and access up to a hundred (100) versions of a particular file.  

NOTE: All versions stored on Box will count against the allotted storage. To learn how to initiate Version Control by uploading new versions of stored files, follow the steps listed below:

  1. From the All Files and Folders tab on the Box User Homepage page or within a folder, mouse over to the right of the desired file name and click the down arrow button to open the File Options drop down menu. Select Upload New Version.

    Box Upload New Version button

  2. The Upload New Version window will appear. Click Select File and then select the new version of the file to upload from the Explorer window.

    Box Upload New Version Window

  3. Highlight the desired file in the Explorer window and then click Open.

    Explorer Window

  4. At the Upload New Version window, click Upload to upload the new version of the file.
    1. A description of the new version may be added by clicking the Add Description link beneath the file name of the new version to open a fill-in field.

      Box Upload Window and Upload Button

  5. Box will quickly upload the file and overwrite the previous version of the file.

    Box Upload and Encrypt

  6. Once the upload is complete, a Version icon will appear below the file name denoting the number of versions associated with that file. For example, a V2 icon denotes that the current uploaded file is the second version of the original file.

    Box Version Icon

  7. Clicking the Version icon will open the Version History window, where customers can view all stored versions, download previous versions, replace the current version of the file with a previous version, or upload a new version of the file.

    Box Version Control Window