Download a File from Box

As a collaborative tool, Box enables users to share files through its upload and download tools. Downloading a file to a personal computer is simple and fast with Box. To learn how to download a file from Box, follow the steps listed below:

  1. From the All Files and Folders tab of the Box User Homepage or within a folder, click the title of the desired file. If the file is contained in a Folder, click the appropriate folder to view the folder contents. From inside the Folder View, click the title of the desired file.

    Folder View Click FIle

  2. The Content Preview window will open. This window allows users to view a complete preview of the selected file.

    Preview Window

  3. Click the Download button to the top right of the Content Preview pane to initiate a download.

    Click Download Button

  4. The selected file will automatically download to the computer's Downloads folder.