Upload Individual Files to Box

One of Box's premier features is its storage capability. University of Maryland Box accounts offer users unlimited storage space, with a single file limit of 15 GB (gigabytes), to upload a wide range of file types.      

Please update this article to reflect unlimited storage on Box. Also, there is a single file size limit of 15 GB per file.To learn how to upload individual files to Box using the Upload File tool, follow the steps listed below:

  1. From the All Files tab of the Box User Homepage window or within a folder, click the Upload button a the top right corner and select Files from the drop-down menu.
    Click Upload
  2. File Upload pop-up window will appear. Locate and select a file(s) to upload and then click Open .

    Explorer Upload Window

  3. The uploaded file will appear in the All Files tab after a brief upload process. A notification will appear at the top of the window, stating: 1 item was uploaded successfullyUploaded file will appear
  4. Use the square Icon or the tabs at the top to Send Items, Download, Move or Copy, or Trash the file. When linking to the File or Sharing the File with a Collaborator, a window will appear that provides the shared link. To learn more about sharing files with collaborators, view How to Share a File or Folder with Collaborators in Box.
    Different Options
NOTE: Individual files located on the All Files tab can be moved or copied to any current folder by clicking the Move or Copy tab. To learn more about creating a folder in Box, view How to Create a Folder in Box.