Request a Faculty or Staff Sponsored Wireless Guest Account

The SIMS wireless sponsored account tool is available for faculty and staff to request temporary wireless guest accounts that allow visitors to connect to the umd-guest wireless network.

Request a wireless guest account

  1. Visit SIMS and login.
  2. The Special Identity Management System window opens. In Request New Identity under System, select Wireless. In Request New identity, press Select a System and choose Wireless
  3. Under Identity Class, click on the Request button.
    Click the Request button on the left side
  4. Enter a Description for the account as well as the Expiration Date/Time.
    Enter and fill out the Description field as well as the Expiration Date/Time field
  5. Click on the Submit Create Request button.
  6. A window will open that shows the username and passphrase for the wireless sponsored account holder. The username for the wireless sponsored account holder should be in lower case. Give the username and passphrase information shown to the wireless sponsored account holder. This will allow them to connect their wireless device to the umd-guest network.
    Wireless Sponsored account holder identity
  7. The Identities You Own window shows a summary of your account information, the wireless sponsored accounts for which you are responsible, and where you can change the passphrase for these accounts. Accounts shown in ORANGE have less than 36 days left. Accounts shown in RED are expired and will be removed from your account summary in 7 days.

    NOTE: If a guest loses the passphrase, the account sponsor may reset the passphrase for the account in SIMS. 

    Identities You Own window

Guests can now connect to umd-guest using the provided credentials. Step by step instructions are available: Connect to umd-guest Wireless Network.