Change a University of Maryland Directory Passphrase

If you know your Directory passphrase and wish to change it, follow the steps below. If you do not know your passphrase, view Reset a Lost or Forgotten University of Maryland Directory Passphrase. Click the Forgot Passphrase link at the bottom left.

  1. Go to the main Passphrase Management page to change your University Directory passphrase.
    NOTE: Do not click the Back key on the browser window while you work through the Directory ID pages.
    Passphrase update
  2. Enter in your Directory ID in the Directory ID field.
  3. Enter your current passphrase in the Passphrase field.
  4. Enter a new passphrase in the New Passphrase field
  5. Enter your new passphrase a second time in the Confirm New Passphrase field.
  6. Click the Update Passphrase button
  7. Once you have entered the correct information the system will show you a message that your Directory Passphrase has been set correctly.

If you have not already set up and answered the three Security Questions, the system will prompt you to do it now. Each question shows a drop-down menu that shows a group of questions for you to select from. For more information, view Set or Update the Security Questions for your Directory Passphrase.