Schedule your Tivoli Storage Manager Backup for Linux

This solution assumes that you have downloaded, installed and configured your Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Client for Linux according to How to Download, Install, and Configure Tivoli Storage Manager for Linux.  

Starting TSM client processes for scheduled backups  

1. Start dsmcad:

[root@localhost ~]# service dsmcad start 

2. Check for connectivity and scheduler service by viewing the dsmsched.log (by default, in installation directory): 

[root@localhost bin]# cat /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/dsmsched.log

02/10/2015 17:29:01 Scheduler has been started by Dsmcad.

02/10/2015 17:29:01 TSM Backup-Archive Client Version 7, Release 1, Level 1.3  

02/10/2015 17:29:01 Querying server for next scheduled event.

02/10/2015 17:29:01 Node Name: SFUENTES-CENTOS

02/10/2015 17:29:01 Session established with server TSMUMDSDEV01: Linux/x86_64

02/10/2015 17:29:01   Server Version 7, Release 1, Level 1.100

02/10/2015 17:29:01   Server date/time: 02/10/2015 17:29:12  Last access: 02/10/2015 17:28:11

02/10/2015 17:29:01 --- SCHEDULEREC QUERY BEGIN

02/10/2015 17:29:01 --- SCHEDULEREC QUERY END

02/10/2015 17:29:01 Next operation scheduled:

02/10/2015 17:29:01 ---------------------------------------------------------

02/10/2015 17:29:01 Schedule Name:         OSFILES-DAILY-INCR-2000

02/10/2015 17:29:01 Action:                Incremental

02/10/2015 17:29:01 Objects:               

02/10/2015 17:29:01 Options:               

02/10/2015 17:29:01 Server Window Start:   20:00:00 on 02/10/2015

02/10/2015 17:29:01 ---------------------------------------------------------

02/10/2015 17:29:01 Scheduler has been stopped.

With services and backup connectivity configured and tested, your system will backup according to the TSM schedule entry provided in the confirmation email.  If your backup fails or is missed, an automatic alert is generated each morning that will email all technical contacts for the machine.  It is the responsibility of the client administrators or users to correct any alerts and errors that may be received from the Division of IT. For further assistance, contact the Call Center or email

To ensure backup operations and to determine what TSM Data Backup Services has backed up on a nightly basis, view How to Verify That Tivoli Storage Manager Backups are Running and Perform Test Restores.