Overview of the Cisco IP Phone Self Care Portal

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 Cisco Self Care Portal Login

What is the Self Care Portal

Cisco IP Phones combine basic telephone communication with features such as speed dial numbers, contact lists, phone services, and voicemail notifications several features that will allow you and your colleagues to communicate and collaborate anywhere.

Many of your basic phone settings and features can be managed and customized through the Self Care Portal. The Self Care Portal is a web-based configuration page for your Cisco Phone. To access the Self Care Portal, go to:


Log into the Self-Care Portal with your UMD Directory ID and Password.

Off-Campus users must use a VPN connection to access this site. To learn how to access VPN, check out our article on VPN at UMD

Accessing your Cisco Phone Settings

After logging into the Self Care Portal, you can access the settings for your phone through one of six tabs:

Tab Name

Settings Available for Configuration


  • My Phones (displays a list all phones you manage)
  • Speed dial numbers
  • Ring settings
  • Call history
  • Call forwarding settings


Voicemail preferences

IM & Availability

Do Not Disturb and IM & Presence status


Conferencing options

General Settings

User locales and passwords


Download plugins and applications for your phones

Cisco Phones Self Portal Landing Page

Configuring Basic Phone Settings

To learn how to configure basic phone settings in the Self Care Portal, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Select the Phone Settings tab. 
  2. The Phone Settings tab will open.
    Cisco Self Care Portal phone settings page
  3. Click the arrow next to the option you wish to change or configure on your phone to see settings available for configuration or customization.