Create Assignment Grading Schemes in ELMS-Canvas for Instructors

This guide will show you how to add a grading scheme to your individual assignments. Once a grading scheme has been created, you can add it to more than one assignment.

Create a New Grading Scheme

  1. Click on the Assignments link in the Navigation menu and locate the assignment for which you want to create a grading scheme. Trace over the assignment name, click the gear icon, then click the Edit, and finally click More Options in the new window.
    Edit then More Options
  2. On the Grading Type drop-down menu, ensure you have the Letter Grade option selected, and then click View Grading Levels.
    Select Letter Grade
  3. To edit or modify a grading scheme, click the pencil icon on the right.
  4. On the Edit Grading Scheme page:
    1. Name your new grading scheme by typing in the Scheme Name field.
    2. Add ranges by clicking the Insert here link when you hover over a range name checkbox.
    3. Edit the grade ranges by typing in the appropriate fields.
    4. Remove individual ranges by clicking the trash "X" icon.
  5. Click Save to save the grading scheme you have created. 

Modifying a Grading Scheme

  1. Click on the manage grading schemes link at the bottom of the window that pops-up to view the Grading Schemes page. This page lists all your current grading schemes. Each course already comes with a default scheme, which may be applied or adapted to fit your preference.
    Manage grading schemes
  2. To add a different grading scheme, click the Add Grading Scheme button on the right. This will open an editor that will allow you to create a new scheme that meets your standards.Scheme name
    1. To insert a new grading rule, click "insert here".
    2. To delete a rule you do not want, click on the X.
    3. You can modify any of these values to fit your desired grading rule.
  3. Once you are finished editing or creating your grading scheme, click Done to save it.

Applying a Grading Scheme

  1. In the Assignment Edit view, ensure you have the Letter Grade option selected in the Grading Type drop-down. Then, click View Grading Levels.
    Select another scheme
  2. Next, click the Select Another Scheme magnifying glass to search for an existing grading scheme and apply it to your assignment.
  3. Choose the grading scheme you plan to use for this assignment, and click Use This Grading Standard.
  4. Click Done to confirm, and then click Save at the bottom of the assignment page to save your changes.