Miscellaneous Commands in Vi Text Editor for UNIX

This document also uses several fonts to help clarify the meaning of the text.

fixedLiteral commands you type appear in Courier font
 italicVariables used with commands will appear in italics
 boldKeys or elements that you must click appear in bold
 [ ]Optional variables will appear in square brackets

 The following commands are helpful when using Vi:

uundo the last change
Uundo the changes made to the current line
.repeat your last command again
"return to your previous position
' 'return to the beginning of the line at your previous position in the document
Ctrl + lredraw the screen if it has been altered by output from some other program or a transmission error (such as a talk request)
Ctrl + gprint the line number of the current line and how many lines are in the document
%show matching (), {}, or [] when the current character is one of the characters
[num] Jjoin num lines together, starting with the current line (delete the Returns between the lines)
:r filename   read a file into the document below the current line
~change the case of the current character