Subscribe to Messages in Zephyr Using TerpConnect

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Subscriptions are handled through the zctl program, which is short for Zephyr control. You use zctl to subscribe to classes and instances and to save the subscriptions in a file (by default the file is called ~/.zephyr.subs).

To use zctl, you can either enter the zctl command and options on one line at the z% prompt, or you can enter zctl and hit Return and enter the zctl options at the zctl prompt. Enter ? at the zctl prompt to get a list of zctl options.

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Adding Subscriptions

There are two ways that you can subscribe:

Adding Subscriptions for the Duration of Your Login

Use the sub option to add subscriptions that are in effect until you log out. To do this, enter

z% zctl sub [class] [instance] [recipient]

For example, if you want to subscribe to <message help *>, enter

z% zctl sub message help \*

Note: You include the backslash before the asterisk when you issue this command so that the asterisk will be sent to zctl without being interpreted by the TerpConnect command shell first. If you enter the sub command directly at the zctl prompt, or directly into your ~/.zephyr.vars file, you should not include the backslash). For more information about the backslash and other special characters, see the csh man page by entering:

z%  man csh

There are some classes to which you are automatically subscribed. They are:

<message personal *> This allows you to receive messages sent directly to you.

If you use the attach command, it will automatically subscribe you to <filsrv lockername *>

If you use the znol command, you are automatically subscribed to <login username *>

Adding Subscriptions Permanently Until You Remove Them

The add option adds a new subscription to a subscriptions file called ~/.zephyr.subs so that you will be subscribed every time you log in. To do this, enter:

z%  zctl add [class] [instance] [recipient]

Removing Subscriptions

To remove a subscription for the duration of your login session, enter:

z% zctl unsub [class] [instance] [recipient]

To remove a subscription from your subscriptions file,

z% zctl del [class] [instance] [recipient]

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