Configure Mathematica Fonts for UNIX

You can configure fonts for your Mathematica account using UNIX commands so that you can run Mathematica without receiving font errors.

  1. Log into your Mathematica account.
  2. Open a new file called ~/myxfsconfig  with your preferred text editor.
  3. Make the contents of this file look exactly as shown below:

    #xfs configuration file for Mathematica Users
    #D. Sweet (taken from xfs man page)

    client-limit = 10
    clone-self = on
    = /afs/

  4. Close and Save the file.
  5. Issue the next set of commands from the command prompt:

    xfs -config ~/myxfsconfig &
    xset +fp tcp/ (substituting the host name of the machine that you are on)>
    xset +fp rehash
    tap mathematica
    mathematica &

You will need to use these commands each time that you want to use Mathematica.