Set Your Signature in Zephyr Using TerpConnect

All of the documents on Zephyr are based on Zephyr on Athena (AC-34) Draft from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). They have been modified to reflect the TerpConnect computer system environment. A copyright and trademark notice appears at the bottom of each Zephyr document to give proper credit.

When you send a Zephyr message to someone, your signature appears in the message. If you do not explicitly set it to something else, it will be your name as it appears in your finger information.

There are two ways to change your signature:
• permanently
• for specific messages

To change your signature permanently, enter:

z% zctl set zwrite-signature "new-signature"

where new-signature is the signature you want to use.

To change your signature for a specific Zephyr message, enter:

z% zwrite your-username -s "new-signature"

where new-signature is the signature you want to use.

Using the -s option will override the signature if previously set in either your finger information or your zwrite-signature variable.

If you don't want any signature, you can set an empty signature by entering:

z% zwrite your-username -s ""

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