Overview of Secure File Transfer Protocol

Secure FTP

Secure FTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol. It is a method by which a computer can transfer files to another computer. The computer that it transfers the file(s) to can be on your computer or across the globe, provided that the computers are running the TCP/IP protocol.

What can I use Secure FTP for?

If you want to publish a web page then chances are at some point you will use Secure FTP to transfer the files to the server. That's not the only use of Secure FTP however, if you ever need to view an email attachment and there is no viewer on the server side then you will have to use Secure FTP to get the file to a computer that does.

What type of Secure FTP access does the University offer?

The University offers Secure FTP access with your TerpConnect account. Other departments' level of access may vary. To use Secure FTP with TerpConnect, you must use the host name terpconnect.umd.edu when prompted by your Secure FTP client. Or, if you are using a command line Secure FTP program enter

ftp terpconnect.umd.edu

Once connected, you will be prompted for your DirectoryID and passphrase if you have not already entered them.

What do I use to access Secure FTP?

In order to access an Secure FTP server you will need an Secure FTP client. Some examples of Secure FTP clients are: