Hidden Dotfiles in TerpConnect for UNIX

This page is based on Dotfiles (AC-16) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It has been modified to reflect the TerpConnect computer system environment. These files should not be removed from your account unless you know what you are doing.

To find out more about dotfiles there are several things to do. There is a minicourse about dotfiles, and you can read manpages and documentation about programs to find out about associated dotfiles. Zephyr on TerpConnect has a section on its dotfiles and other documents contain information on other program specific dotfiles.

You can learn a lot about X defaults by reading the X manual page and the manual pages for programs you wish to customize. To view the manual page for Zephyr, ls, or other programs or commands use the following commands. For most manpages simply use the name of the program or command you would enter at the prompt.

man programname

z:~: man zwgc

z:~: man ls