Download and Configure a Secure Shell (SSH) Client

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All of the following directions are assuming the initial step of your computer being connected to the Internet. If your machine is not connected to the Internet or you do not have Internet access, then connecting to the remote host will fail.

To connect to the remote hosts like TerpConnect, on or off campus you can use ssh or sftp. SSH & SFTP sends all information like your username and password encrypted over the network. This cuts down on the chances that your information could be snooped.

From a Microsoft Windows 10 Machine

  1. You'll need an SSH client program. We recommend PuTTY (for ssh) or Downloading and installing winscp (for sftp file transfer).
  2. Some example site names are:

From a Macintosh Machine

Mac OS X comes with a built-in Using SSH with Terminal in Mac OS X that supports SSH. To connect, open the terminal application. Then, type:

ssh site-name.

From a UNIX/Linux Machine

  1. Open an XTerm or Terminal window.
  2. Once the window is up type in ssh or sftp site name. Some example site names are: