Change a Passphrase Using the Command Line in TerpConnect

If you can log in to your account

  1. Log in to the appropriate account.
  2. At the command prompt enter passwd.
    • Example session:
      % passwd
      DirectoryID@UMD.EDU's passphrase
  3. You will be asked for your old passphrase once and your new one twice. None of these will appear on the screen.
    NOTE: This will also change the passphrase you use with your Directory ID.

If you cannot log in to your account

  1. Try resetting your Directory ID passphrase at the Passphrase Management site. To review the instructions, visit Directory Passphrase
  2. If you are still having trouble, contact the Service Desk. They will reset your Directory passphrase; this will allow you to set your own passphrase for TerpConnect and UM Directory.