Install Avast Mac Security for Macintosh

The following memory and disk space is required to install Avast on a Macintosh:

NOTE: If you have another anti-virus program installed, you should remove it in order to install Avast! To learn how to remove Clam Xav, view ClamXav removal instructions. If you have another anti-virus program, you will need to refer to the publisher for removal instructions. The Service Desk can assist.

  1. Go to the Avast Installer page on TERPware to download the software.
  2. Download the software directly from TERPware by clicking the Avast_Mac_Security.pkg file.
  3. Click Save File and it will save to your Downloads folder or default download location.

    Downloaded file

  4. Right-Click the Avast_Mac Security icon. Click Open.
  5. Click Open to dismiss the security warning pop-up.
  6. Click Continue to perform the compatibility check.
  7. If the software detects incompatible software, uninstall it and restart the Avast Installation at step 4.
    NOTE: If ClamXav is currently installed on your computer, view the ClamXav removal instructions to learn how to uninstall the application.
  8. The Install Avast Mac Security window will open. Click Continue.
  9. Click Continue after reading the Software License Agreement
  10. Click Agree to the terms of the service software license agreement.
  11. Select Install for all users of this computer and click Continue.

    Click Continue

  12. If you receive a message to close applications to continue the installation, click Close Applications and Install. If you need to save work before continuing, click Install Later, save your work, close your applications, and restart the installation.

    Click Close Application and Install or click Install Later

  13. If you get the message Virus Definitions download has failed!, make sure you are connected to the internet and restart the installation from step 4. 

    Restart from step 4

  14. If prompted, login and click Install Software.
  15. Installation is now complete. Click Close.