Create a New DHCP Entry on Infoblox

You must have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client installed, and access to the UMAccess-MFA VPN profile. If you need a VPN client, the GlobalProtect VPN Client  is available for download for free from TERPware. You must have rights to access the University of Maryland's Infoblox instance.

  1. On your computer, open your VPN client and connect to the UMAccess-MFA profile using your University Credentials. You may need to verify your identify with Multi-factor authentication.
  2. Open a web browser and visit Infoblox. Log in to Infoblox using your University Credentials. After logging in, please verify your login name in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Click Data Management.
  4. Click DHCP to see available networks.
    Click DHCP in Infoblox
  5. Select an available network from which you will assign the IP address. You may see available sub-networks. Select any one sub-network.
  6. To see the MAC addresses associated with IP addresses, you will need to add the MAC address column to the display. (If you have already completed this step, continue to step 7.)
    1. Hover over the Comments column and click the expander arrow to access the drop-down menu.
      Click to expand Comments
    2. From the Columns sub-menu, select Edit Columns.
    3. Select MAC Address and click Apply.
    4. It is recommended that MAC addresses and IP addresses are displayed side by side. To reposition them, click and drag MAC Address next to IP Address
  7.  From the Networks display, click Go to IPAM View to see unused IP addresses.
    Click Go to IPAM View in Infoblox
  8. Select an unused IP address and record it.
  9. Click the expander beside the Infoblox plus sign to see the drop-down menu.
  10. Select Fixed Address. The Add Fixed Address wizard will open. 
  11. From Step 1 of 5, select Add Fixed Address and click Next.
  12. From Step 2 of 5, In the IP Address field, enter the unused IP address you recorded in step 8. 
  13. In the Assign IP Address by field, select MAC Address and enter the MAC address that should be assigned to the IP address. Click Next.
    • Optionally, add a descriptor in the comment field.
  14. Do not make any changes to the settings of Step 3 of 5. Click Next.
    • Every option in this window can be overrode by the user.
  15. From Step 4 of 5, click Plus button. A new row will be added to the Extensible Attributes list with the default attribute CreatedBy.
    Change the attribute name to site
  16. Click the expander of the new row to see the drop-down menu. Select Site.
  17. Select the Value field and enter the department name (ex. Academic Affairs). Click Next.
  18. Do not change anything in Step 5 of 5. Select Save & Close.
  19. The changes will take effect the next time the DHCP process is restarted.