Send Email as Your TERPmail Account Using Your Personal Gmail Account

TERPmail is a free Google email service available to University students. You can send emails from your personal Gmail account under the alias of your TERPmail account to avoid switching inboxes.

NOTE: University personnel are prohibited from sending University of Maryland institutional and business email from a TERPmail or personal email account. For more information, read IT Standard Institutional Email (IT-14) and UMD Email Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the IT Library.

  1. Go to Google 2-Step Verification and click Get Started in the top right.
  2. Log in with your TERPmail account. Read through and click Get Started at the bottom right.
  3. You have two methods for using 2-step verification. Select the method you prefer: Text message or phone call.
    NOTE: You must enable 2-step verification to continue.
  4. Complete the steps to set up 2-step verification. On the settings page, verify 2-step verification is enabled.
  5. Visit your Google Account App Passwords page. Create an app password. Then, select Other.
  6. Name your app password (for example, "Email Link"). Then click Create.
  7. A pop-up window opens. Copy and keep the code that is on the right side.
  8. Go to your personal Gmail account and log in.
  9. Click the gear in the top right and choose Settings.
  10. Click Accounts and Import from the subsections.
  11. Find the subheading Send mail as. Then, click Add another email address you own.
  12. In the dialog box, enter your full name as it is registered on your TERPmail account. Enter your TERPmail email address. Keep Treat as an alias checked. Click Next step.
  13. Enter as your server, port as 587. Use TLS.
  14. In the password field, enter the App password generated from step 5.
  15. Follow the rest of the steps to confirm you are able to send email as your TERPmail address from your personal email address.