Give Extra Time or Attempts for Quizzes in ELMS-Canvas for Instructors

ELMS-Canvas allows instructors to give individual students extra time or attempts on quizzes, however, extending time on quizzes for specific students will only work if the instructor has not put an availability restriction on the quiz that does not allow for the extended time. For example, if the quiz is only available from 10-11 am, it will close at 11 am for everyone. Quiz availability supersedes any time extensions made for specific students.

Quizzes must be published in order for this feature to be available to modify its settings.

  1. Access your course space, then click on the Quizzes link in the Navigation menu. Click on the name of the quiz of interest.
    Quiz 1 selected as the quiz of interest.
  2. Click the Moderate This Quiz link on the right-hand side of the page.
    Red border around Moderate this Quiz link.
  3. Click the edit icon that is like a pencil for the student of interest.
  4. The Student Extensions window appears. Enter the additional minutes this student should receive.
    Student Extensions window with 15 in Extra time on every attempt field.
  5. Enter the additional attempts this student should receive. Click Save.
    Student Extensions window ith 1 in extra attempts field.

NOTE: The Student Extensions box may look different if your quiz has no time limit. The Extra Time on Every Attempt option is not present for quizzes without time limits.