Cisco IP Phones Personal Greetings

Cisco Web Assistant allows you to record up to six personal greetings. You can enable as many greetings as you want, and you can specify how long you want a greeting enabled.

When enabled, a greeting may override other enabled greetings.

Personal Greetings

Greeting Recommended Use Overrides
Alternate Use to play during a specific time period when you want to indicate special circumstances, such as when you are on vacation Overrides all other greetings
Busy Use to indicate when you are on the phone Overrides standard, closed, and internal greetings when your phone is busy
Internal Use to provide information that coworkers need to know Overrides standard and off-hours greeting; only plays to callers in your organization when you do not answer the phone
Closed Use during non-business hours (specified by phone administrator) Overrides standard greeting during non-business hours
Standard Plays during business hours (specified by phone administrator) Cannot be disabled
Holiday Use to play during a holiday Overrides standard greeting during non-business hours