UMD IT Resources and Access After Graduation

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Soon-to-be-graduates! Congratulations from the Division of IT, and we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors after college. Whatever those may be, we hope you remember fondly your time at Maryland.

While at Maryland, you may have used TERPmail, downloaded software from TERPware, and visited Terrapin Tech. Whether you've done all of these or none of these, we're here to tell you what happens after you graduate. What software and services do you get to keep? What benefits expire, and when do they expire? We have the answers to all your questions–just keep reading!

Campus services and CAS login

Many online applications at the University of Maryland require you to log in through the Central Authentication Service (CAS) using your Directory ID and password. Once you graduate, you will begin to lose access to some of the services that are available only to currently registered students. These applications include, but are not limited to:



Good news! Your TERPmail address ( or will still be available to you after you graduate. In order to keep using your TERPmail, you must visit the Registrar's website and update your email forwarding information. 



TERPware is a valuable resource that offers the UMD community a variety of free software, from Adobe Creative Cloud to Office and everything in between. Some software access expires after you graduate, other programs give you a grace period to purchase full access, and some even remain yours after graduation! Terms of use are listed on the individual software pages on TERPware.


Terrapin Tech

Located on the ground floor of the Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center (ESJ), Terrapin Tech offers a variety of services. 

First, you can get free computer assistance at Terrapin Tech! Whether you need assistance with software installations, data backups, virus removals, or a variety of other problems, Terrapin Tech's certified technicians can help. Terrapin Tech is also an authorized service provider for Apple and Dell, and can perform warranty repairs for those products. Before you graduate, take a trip down to Terrapin Tech to finally get help with that computer problem you've been putting off this semester! 

As you can see, there's a lot to do before you graduate. Make sure you take into account the information above so you can take full advantage of the resources we provide to the UMD community. And, as always, stop by Terrapin Tech or give us a call at 301.405.1500 if you have any questions.