Use GCP Research and Education Credits in UMD Environment

Table of contents

The objective of this document is to map out how to set up GCP projects when using Research or Education Credits provided by Google. Research Computing (RC) Team responsibilities include

  1. Verify funding and credits.
  2. Identify and assign billing ID.
  3. Create GCP project.
  4. Assign roles and permission.


Steps to use GCP education credits


Sample writeup documenting design and creation

Teaching and learning project name: Using education credits for GCP

IRB Number:

PI: John Doe, Computer Science

Additional Faculty: Mary Doe

Request from faculty

Submitted via ServiceNow: RITM001234

Supporting School of Computer Science: CMSC 999Q COURSE USING GCP CREDITS.

Anticipated data elements


Data collection method


Data storage method


Data analysis method

A. Data will be analyzed using colab and Big Query.

Data backup method


Data archive method


DIT services included in this project


Recommended implementation

Research Computing Solution for next steps for teaching and learning example

  1. DIT RC creates course subfolder in UMD folder structure: i.e.,\CMNS\Teaching
  2. Each student has access to Google rewarded educational credits.
  3. Each student activates education coupon to obtain billing account information.
  4. Log all billing accounts activated by student credits for tracking purposes.
  5. DIT creates a number of subfolders for class(course# using Google student credits within GCP under the College or Unit Name\Teaching hierarchy. i.e., cmns\teaching\ CMNS_CMSC999Q_SPR22 Only those assigned to this sub folder will have access. Recommended max# of subfolders is 20.
  6. DIT creates # google groups to support the teams identified by faculty to give them access. Google Group owner is assigned to Faculty members where they can now manage who has access to their GCP environment. Recommended max number of groups is 20.
  7. The Faculty member and TA is a member of each google group for student support.
  8. Group Assignments correspond to teams determined by Faculty member.
  9. Faculty Member or TA must add assign students to a group which is associated to 1 subfolder under the umd , i.e., cmns\teaching\ CMNS_CMSC999Q_SPR22 within GCP
  10. Recommended that Members of teams should be assigned to only 1 group at a time.
  11. Each student assigned must have a umd or terpmail.umd account to be added.
  12. Each member of the group will be able to create projects with their credits or the team can share a single project within the assigned subfolder.
  13. The project owner role is assigned to the student who created the project, Only that student will have permissions to manipulate within the project and utilizes all GCP services of their choice.
  14. At the end of semester, all projects should be deleted by students or faculty.


IT compliance notes: Controlling and monitoring your sharing access is key to the proper use of campus data storage. Review Access Control Guidelines. Please read and understand the IT Security Standards