Unable to convert a scheduled meeting to a Webinar


User is unable to convert a previously scheduled meeting into a Webinar




  1. Verify that your account has a Zoom Webinar License under the Account section.
    • If your account does not have a license and the meeting is in less than 24 hours, contact the IT Service Desk at 301.405.1500 or itsupport@umd.edu. Otherwise, request a license.
      Zoom Webinar License
  2. Verify that the settings of the meeting you intend to convert has a Meeting ID that is set to Generate Automatically.
    Verify the setting of the meeting
  3. If your meeting was created using a Personal Meeting ID, you will have to change the meeting ID to be generated automatically before being able to convert it. You will have to send a new invitation to guests if one was sent prior.

For more information, see Zoom Webinar Licenses.


  • User does not have a Webinar License assigned to account
  • User created a pre scheduled meeting with a personal meeting ID