Comparing Phone Options and Features for Teleworking

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The UMD phone system provides multiple options for maintaining access to your work phone while teleworking. In general, Call Forwarding and Single Number Reach options are the easiest to set up. If you don't need advanced features and don't mind your personal phone number appearing in Caller ID when returning calls while teleworking, these are often the best options.

If you are unsure or need advanced features please consult with your unit IT staff or telecommunications reps to discuss your needs. The options for maintaining access to your work phone while teleworking are:

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding allows you to forward incoming calls from your desktop phone to a different destination, such as a mobile device or voicemail. Calls will not ring on your desktop phone. Voicemail will be left on your mobile phone voicemail or UMD voicemail.


Single Number Reach

Single Number Reach allows you to answer calls to your Cisco IP desktop phone or a remote destination, such as your mobile device. Calls will ring in both places. If you miss a call, a voicemail will be left on your UMD voicemail. Single number reach is recommended for departments with hunt groups.

Mobile Voice Access (MVA) is a feature linked to Single Number Reach that allows placing outbound calls from your personal phone via the campus phone system. Although this tool makes dialing calls a bit more complicated, it allows called party to see the caller's office number rather than their personal number.


Webex Softphones

Webex Softphones have nearly all the functionality of your desk phone but also include a robust set of instant messaging features.

When setting up softphones, you will need to contact your departmental telecommunications rep (usually your Business Manager) and install MyE911. If you don't set up MyE911 software on your computer, your softphone will stop working.


Phone features comparison

 The table below compares these options in detail.

Feature Call Forwarding Single Number Reach Webex Softphones on Computer Webex Softphone on Mobile Device
Phone and Voicemail  User can configure without DIT assistance Yes Yes No No
Can make outbound calls from work phone number No No Yes Yes
Caller ID phone number shown on outgoing calls
Personal Number Personal Number UMD Number UMD Number
Can be used with call centers No No Yes No
Ability to determine missed calls made to work number No No Yes Yes
Check and manage voicemails

Call 301.405.5100 from any phone

Call 301.405.5100 from any phone Yes Yes
View call history No No Yes Yes
Headset support Possibly Possibly Yes Yes
Cisco VoIP conference calling No No Yes Yes
Manage contacts No No Yes Yes
Campus Directory No No Yes Yes
Hold No No Yes Yes
Make calls from different lines (multiline) No No Yes No
Merge two phone calls No No Yes No
Hunt groups No No Yes Yes
Answer someone else's phone when part of a pickup group No No Yes* Yes*
Transfer calls No No Yes Yes
Supports E911 Yes Yes Yes*** Yes**
Collaboration (with others running Webex software) Instant messaging No No Yes Yes
File sharing No No Yes Yes
Persistent group chat spaces No No Yes Yes
Screen sharing No No Yes No
Video calls with other Webex Softphone users No No Yes Yes