TERPmail Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is TERPmail?

There are two official University of Maryland email systems: Email for faculty and staff (UMD Gmail) and Email for students (TERPmail). Staff, faculty and graduate students have access to UMD Gmail. TERPmail is the default undergraduate student email system. TERPmail is built on Google apps.


How do I activate a TERPmail account?

TERPmail accounts will be created automatically for all UMD students when their Directory ID is created.


How do I update or reset my TERPmail passphrase?

Go to https://identity.umd.edu/password/changepassword, For more information about how to change your current passphrase or reset your forgotten passphrase, see Reset TERPmail Passphrase.


How long will I have access to TERPmail?

You will have access to your TERPmail account forever, as long as you activated your TERPmail account while you were still a student and you graduate from the university.


I already have TERPmail. What will be different?

If you have TERPmail and it is set as your preferred email address in Testudo, nothing will change for you. The exception would be that if you have a UMD job and a sponsored UMD Gmail faculty/staff email account for work, your mail will be delivered there. Mail will always be delivered to your TERPmail student email account if it is addressed to DirectoryID@terpmail.umd.edu


What happens when I work for the University of Maryland?

If you work for the university and have a sponsored UMD Gmail faculty/staff email account for university business, your mail will be delivered there. Sponsored accounts must be renewed by supervisors every 6 months. When you no longer have a sponsored account, your  email will be sent to your TERPmail account.

Mail will always be delivered to your student email if addressed to DirectoryID@terpmail.umd.edu. For more information, see View Multiple Email Inboxes Simultaneously.


Why is University making a change?

Students have not received critical communication because of problems using other email systems. Currently, students are permitted to have their email delivered to any email account they wish.

This lack of control over delivery endpoints limits the university’s ability to ensure that important messages are being delivered. In addition, there have also been numerous occasions when this configuration has resulted in our email systems being blocked, preventing email delivery to the rest of the UMD community. 


Do I have to keep my mail in TERPmail?

No, you may forward to another mail system from inside your TERPmail account, but you are expected to check TERPmail regularly, as that is the only system we can assure mail is delivered to.


What are some of the features and benefits of TERPmail?


What are the complexity requirements for TERPmail passphrases?

TERPmail passphrases must contain at least 12 alphanumeric characters, according to Google's policy. DIT strongly recommends that TERPmail passphrases follow the Directory ID passphrase requirements. This means using a combination of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.


What email clients and web browsers are compatible with TERPmail?

TERPmail has been designed to be compatible with most email clients and web browsers. Students can access TERPmail through email clients on both Windows and Macintosh platforms, as well as through a number of popular web browsers. To learn more about TERPmail-compatible email clients and web browsers, view the list of Supported TERPmail Clients and Browsers.


Can I access TERPmail through another email client or mobile device?

The IT Library contains a number of articles on how to configure TERPmail access through a number of most popular email clients and mobile devices, including:


Can I connect my TERPmail account to a personal email or social network account?

TERPmail can be connected to most online email and social network accounts. TERPmail may not be connected to a UMD Gmail business account.

Connecting a TERPmail account to an existing personal email or social network account will make the TERPmail inbox the target depository for messages sent to these accounts. TERPmail can also be connected to a personal Gmail account.


How do I Login to TERPmail for the first time?

  1. Go to the TerpMail homepage.
  2. Click Log into Terpmail
  3. The Google Account Sign In window will open.
    • If logged into a Google account, the Choose an Account window will open.
    • Click Add Account to reach the Google Account Sign In window.
  4. Login and click Sign in.
  5. Enter the letters as you see them appear on your screen.
  6. Click I accept. Continue to my account.
  7. Once you have activated your TERPmail account, you will receive a Welcome to TERPmail message. Look for this email message in the e-mail account you have listed in Testudo.


How can I receive university email through my TERPmail account?

Email is automatically set to a University of Maryland system. For Undergraduate Students, it is @terpmail.umd,edu. For Graduate students, it is @umd.edu. 


I am a student employee on campus. Can I use my TERPmail account as my work email and calendar account?

Student employees must use a UMD Workspace account for work.

University personnel are prohibited from transferring, forwarding or sending UMD business email to or from a TERPmail or personal email account. Noncompliance could cause a violation of federal, state and local legal, regulatory and statutory requirements, including but not limited to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the state of Maryland's public records laws.

For more information, view IT-14 Standard Institutional Email and UMD Email Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

This account should be provisioned to you by your supervisor. Your supervisor must complete the Sponsored Student Account request form to get you a UMD Gmail account. Student employees may also use Shared Mailboxes and Calendars with Shared Accounts and Google Groups for work.


Who can I contact for technical assistance with TERPmail?

For assistance with TERPmail troubleshooting and technical support, contact the Service Desk.