Initiating Data Virtualization with Denodo 

Denodo is a data virtualization application that integrates enterprise data across disparate systems without replication. The Denodo community website describes that data virtualization creates a single virtual layer that connects disparate data and provides unified access for consuming applications. These applications will use the semantic components defined in the virtual layer and reuse them as needed. Your applications will be independent of the physical sources where the data is stored.

Denodo will become the preferred method for accessing data and the required method for connecting to UMD Oracle databases. A direct connection will no longer be permitted. For more information, see Denodo FAQ.

If you already have access to the Oracle data warehouse or application databases managed by DIT, your access will be provisioned in Denodo.

Denodo improves the data access environment 

The Denodo community website explains that the Denodo platform provides:

Learn more about Denodo

This Data Virtualization Overview video by Denodo will offer a primer on essential aspects of Denodo.