ELMS Manage Subaccounts Tool

The Manage Subaccount tool is used by college admins to move term-based courses to other subaccounts designed to house term-based courses. You can’t move term-based courses to organization subaccounts with this tool.

Access and use the manage subaccounts tool

  1.  Go to ELMS Management Tool.
  2.  Login and click on the Manage Subaccounts.
  3.  Select a term containing a course to which you wish to publish a syllabus
    drop down menu for term
  4.  Use the search box to locate the course you want to move. Information about the course, and its current subaccount is displayed to the right
    search bar for course
  5. In the Select New Subaccount box, drill down to the destination subaccount. Only subaccounts preceded by a leaf icon can be destination subaccounts.
    NOTE: There are three exceptions: BMGT, ENES, and ENCE. Highlight the desired destination subaccount and click Submit Request.
    select new subaccount
  6. Confirm you move and select No or Yes.
    yes or no confirmation
  7. The status of the move will be displayed.
    Request loading
  8. Once complete, select Click to view result in canvas to confirm the move has occurred.
    Request Confirmation