Use Turnitin to Validate Originality of Work

Instructors may wish to submit a student paper (or their own professional work) to Turnitin to evaluate it for its originality and potential copyright infringement.  The University of Maryland's contract with Turnitin requires that the tool be used as an integration with an ELMS-Canvas course space.   Usually student work is submitted as part of a formal assignment within a term-based course space. The workaround to the process is as follows.

  1. Request a test or master organization space via EMT (if you do not already have one).
  2. Publish the space and create a Turnitin assignment within the space using the Originality Checker option.
  3. View the course space and assignment in Student View and submit the paper that you wish to evaluate as a Test Student.
  4. Return to instructor view in the course space and review the Similarity Report for the Test Student

See also Turnitin Originality Checker for Instructors.