VoiceThread Assignments: Quick Guide for Students

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VoiceThread is a cloud-based application. PowerPoint presentations, documents, images, audio files and videos can be combined to create a multi-media presentation that can be shared online. Then you can comment on your presentation with text, audio, webcam, audio files or video files. A powerful feature of VoiceThread is that selected users can not only view your presentation but comment or edit is as well. Commenting is a multi-media feature for all participants. Editing is very helpful with group projects. Closed captioning is available as well.

Activate your account

All UMD students, faculty, and staff have a free VoiceThread account. It must be activated first, before UMD VoiceThread can be accessed by ELMS-Canvas.

  1. To activate, go to umd.voicethread.com.
  2. Under Sign-in, click the Find my Institution button.
  3. Find University of Maryland – College Park in the drop-down list. This brings the user to the University of Maryland CAS login page.
  4. Login with your Directory ID and passphrase. It will require authentication.
  5. Your UMD VoiceThread homepage displays.
    Screenshot of umd VoiceThread sign in. Sign in using your UMD credentials.

In your ELMS-Canvas courses, you can now access any VoiceThread assignments created by your instructor. It is recommended to create your VoiceThreads here and then link them to an ELMS-Canvas assignment, but you can create them in ELMS-Canvas as well.


Create a new VoiceThread

See Creating a new VoiceThread for the steps to creating a new VoiceThread that can be uploaded in ELMS-Canvas for an assignment. 


Submit a new VoiceThread assignment

There are 3 types of graded VoiceThread assignments. You may create Voicthreads in advance or while in the assignment.

For more information, see Submit new assignments.