Set or Update a Department's KFS Number

The KFS Network Funding Account form is a maintenance form that is used to assign a (non-ledger 4 or 5) KFS account number to each department. It can be used to update the KFS number assigned as well.

  1. Go to
  2. Under Lookup and Maintenanceand then Chart of Accounts, select Network Funding Account.
    screenshot of Lookup and Maintenance menu with Chart of Accounts and link to Network Funding account highlighted in yellow.
  3. Click the Create New button located under the Logout button.
    Screenshot of create new button located below Logout link.
  4. Enter the required fields.
    Screenshot of Network funding Account form with the required fields highlighted with yellow.
    • Description
    • Chart Code (aka Campus Code)
    • Organization Code (aka Department Code) - pulled from DIT200 or DIT400 reports.
    • Network Funding Account Number
  5.  Click Submit. This form will route to the KFS Fiscal Officer for approval, or will accept submission as approval for delegated roles. Full details will be available in the route log.

Once KFS Network Funding Accounts are assigned to departments, you can view the list by using a truncated search with wildcard, for example: P140* returns the following
Screenshot of Network funding account lookup search with wildcard P140*.