What Assets Migrate from Zoom to Panopto via the Integration

Zoom cloud recordings automatically migrate from the Zoom cloud to Panopto. For more information, see Managing Zoom Recordings that are Migrated to Panopto Media Hosting. This article identifies which Zoom assets migrate to Panopto, as well as those that do not leave the Zoom cloud.

Zoom assets that migrate

  1. Meeting Information: Panopto will add information about the meeting to the description of the video. This information includes meeting ID, host, meeting scheduled date, duration, and participants. 
  2. Chat: If Chat occurred during the meeting, Panopto will add the chat to the Discussions area in the Panopto Settings associated with the video. This only applies to Chat that occurred when the meeting was recorded.
  3. Closed captions (captions typed in manually during the recorded Zoom meeting), as well as Auto Transcripts will be added to the Panopto video and can be edited via the Edit Captions tool in Panopto.
  4. When there are more than two people in a meeting, Panopto will use Zoom’s Active Speaker view as the primary stream and Gallery View + Screen share as the secondary stream.

Zoom assets that do not migrate

  1. Live transcripts using a third-party caption provider in Zoom do not migrate to Panopto.
  2. Zoom Gallery View: Panopto does not import the Gallery view when there are more than two participants.
  3. Specific Zoom layouts - The recorded video streams from the Zoom meeting will be arranged for the best possible playback experience by Panopto.
  4. Edits made to a recording directly in Zoom do not migrate to Panopto.
  5. Panopto pulls in the name of the meeting that was scheduled at the time you start a meeting. If you make any changes to the title of the Zoom meeting name after the recording, Panopto will not pull post-meeting changes into the migrated content.