Reply to a Sender from a Google Group

  1. As a Google Group manager, click Posting policies from Group Settings.
    • Click Allow Email Posting and Allow web posting.
    • Turn on Conversation history.
    • Set who you would like to reply privately to authors (Group members or Managers).  Accounts that send messages to the Group are known as Authors. Save your changes.

    Screenshot of Posting Policy settings with advanced settings toggled on.

  2. From the Group's Conversational View click to open a message.
    Screenshot of Google Group Conversational Email Message View
  3. From the message, click the 3 vertical dots, select Reply to author.
    Screenshot of conversation window with three dots after address line expanded and reply to author option highlighted.
  4. Compose the message from the Group Email
    Screenshot of compose message window with red arrow pointing to collapsed arrow menu next to sender line