Add Your University Extension to Webex for Calling

Table of Contents

NOTE: If you are accessing the Cisco Self Care Portal from off-campus, you will first need to connect to Virtual Private Network.

Request softphone service

Contact your departmental telecommunications representative (usually your Business Manager) to request that they activate softphone services for you before setting up MyE911 or attempting to add voice to Webex. You will receive confirmation that your softphone services have been activated and can now set up MyE911 and add voice to Webex.

Telecommunications representative softphone service request

NOTE: These instructions are limited to specific staff.

  1. Log in to Pinnacle
  2. Click VOIP Services and select the Activate Softphone Service link from the left side of the window.
  3. Select the No from the Contact Center Start option.
  4. Click the blue Add button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Enter the extension and staff member name in the extension/customer box and click Add.
    • NOTE: You can add multiple department members to a request.
  6. Click the Submit button.


MyE911 is required for anyone using a Cisco Softphone along with the University of Maryland phone system for federal E911 compliance. If MyE911 is not installed, you will lose access to softphone features. For instructions to configure your MyE911 client, visit Installing MyE911.

NOTE: If you don't set up this software, the softphones will stop working.

Your user name is your university directory ID and your default password is Jabber9!!. The system requires you to change the default password at your first login.

Password:  Jabber9!!


Download Webex Teams  

For instructions to download the app, see Download Webex Teams


Add voice to Webex

NOTE: Instructions may vary based on the operating system.

  1. Make sure you have installed MyE911 and Cisco Webex Teams.
  2. Open Webex (also known as Webex Teams) application.
  3. Log in with your university Directory ID and password.
  4. Click your initials/profile picture at the top left.
  5. Choose Settings or Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select Phone Service.
    • For macOS, click Connect or Reconnect under the Status section.
    • For Windows, Sign in to start using the phone service. Click Save.
      Webex Options window with Phone Services highlighted in menu.
  7. Your audio settings should be the same as using Webex.


Optional Webex call settings

NOTE: Instructions may vary based on the operating system.

  1. Click your initials/profile picture at the top left. Choose Settings or Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Calling.
    Webex Options Calling window
  3. Once you have set up Single Number Reach or Call Forwarding from the Self Care Portal, you can control it from Webex.
    • On macOS, click the Advanced Call Settings button under Additional Call Settings.
    • On Windows, click the Set additional preferences for your phones link at the bottom (scroll down) of the Calling page.
      Red arrow pointing to Set additional settings for your phone link
  4. After the initial setup, you can change your settings by clicking Call settings at the bottom of the Webex screen.
    Call Settings button at the bottom of webex
  5. Click Save.