Enrollment Management Data Sharing Policy

Enrollment Management (EM) oversees both undergraduate admissions and student financial aid. We are committed to recruiting, admitting, and eventually graduating talented undergraduate students, as well as to providing eligible students with need-based financial aid, consisting of scholarships, grants, loans, and Federal Work-Study.

Accurate and timely information and data is critical to our success, and in order to accomplish our strategic mission, EM is committed to providing relevant data to other departments and schools across the University in order to:

As stewards of this information and data, we are equally committed to protecting its integrity with a clear and consistent policy for data sharing and use. The following requirements and stipulations apply:

1. EM will review all requests for access to systems containing recruitment, admission and financial aid information and data. Access to Undergraduate Admissions screens in the Student Information System (SIS)/Kuali, and/or Optix Web Interface (OWI), and/or the Student Award System (SAS), and the Data Warehouse require that individuals make specific application to the administrators of those systems. EM will review for approval any access to admissions and/or financial aid information and data via these systems.

2. EM will review all requests for information and data. In some cases information and data sharing may be a one-time request, in other cases we may provide access to information and data for a specified time period or on a regular basis, which will require an annual renewal. EM staff will work with the requester to provide data that is both valid and useful in satisfying the present requirements of the requester.

3. All data requests must detail the specific purpose of the request, including how the data will be used. If approved, the information and data shared under the request are not to be used for research or any other purpose beyond the stated purpose.

4. Admission decisions are the responsibility of EM. Policies and practices concerning colleges and programs deemed to be “Limited Enrollment or Selective Admission” will be maintained, but final authority for admission decisions rests exclusively with EM.

5. EM shall be notified when staff that has access to admissions and financial aid information and data transition from their current position to another position within the unit, or to another campus unit, or leave campus. Information and data access will change accordingly.

6. Information and data usage access will be consistently reviewed and monitored. If information or data is mismanaged or used for purposes other than described above, access will be immediately discontinued.

7. Requests for Social Security Numbers (SSNs) will not be honored. Additionally, in order to maintain data security, requests that include an attached list of students for which additional data are requested must not contain SSNs. 

I have read, understand, and agree to abide by Enrollment Management's Data Sharing Policy and agree to use the information and data only for recruitment and yielding or awarding student financial aid.