Workstation Backup - Security and Privacy Policies

The DIT-managed Workstation Backup service is available through an invitation-only arrangement with the Division of IT. The workstation backup service is hosted by Code42 for Enterprise (formerly known as Crashplan), a software-as-a-service solution for data protection. DIT has vetted the product for compliance and has deemed it suitable for High (Level 3) risk data as specified in the IT-2 University of Maryland Data Classification Standard. The following KB outlines standard security and privacy policies for the workstation backup service as configured for UMD for the Division of IT and partner departments.

Data management

Code42 is configured to run in the background for all UMD-owned workstations for users enrolled in the service. It backs up changed data every 30 minutes and retains all versions for 90 days. Any file that is currently on the workstation is retained indefinitely until the file is deleted. At that point, the 90 day retention period starts for the protected data in Code42.

Data is stored in Code42’s cloud environments and, specifically for UMD, we are storing all data in Code42 Cloud USA East. Backup data is not copied to or moved to any other geographic region either by DIT or Code42:

Code42 Destinations preferences.

Data is encrypted during transit and at rest when in Code42’s cloud. Code42’s process for managing customer encryption keys is detailed in Code42’s knowledge-base: How Code42 handles your encryption keys - The Code42 keystore.

User and DIT administration access

Access to the Code42 for Enterprise application for both administrators and users is integrated with campus single sign-on capabilities including Duo-managed multi-factor authentication.

DIT engineers have three well-defined roles and memberships for access to the Code42 console.

DIT Backup Administrators have the ability to:

DIT Service Desk Members have the ability to:

DIT Security Personnel have the ability to:

Users enrolled in and actively backing up devices to Code42 have the ability to:

No other DIT administrators or users have access to restore file data. 

For support, contact the Service Desk by phone 301-405-1500 or email