Workstation Backup: Code42

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Code42 client is an application for backing up a workstation, where backups run seamlessly. The Code42 client would only need to be opened for restoring or changing selections of files.

How to open





  1. Click Restore Files.
    Restore Files button highlighted in dashboard.
  2. Click to select the files and folders to be restored. Click Restore Files.
  3. To restore from an earlier time period, click As of Today, select the date, then click Restore Files.

  4. Select the Files' options. Click Go. File options for Restore are:

    • Save selected files to: Desktop, Downloads, Original Location or Other.
    • If the file already exists: Rename or Overwrite.
    • Permissions: Current or Original.

  5. When the restore is complete, a notification will appear.
    Popup notification indicating that restore is complete.



It is recommended to keep settings at default values. To change the settings: