Equidox PDF Remediation Software

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Equidox is an application that converts inaccessible PDF documents into WCAG 2.0 AA-compliant HTML, or accessible PDF and EPUB 2 documents. Equidox is a web-based application, so it requires an internet connection. You can access your documents from any computer with an internet connection.


Log in to Equidox

  1. Go to Equidox.
  2. Click Sign in with Google.
  3. Log in with your UMD Gmail account.


Using Equidox

After logging in, you'll see the Equidox dashboard. To review and revise your documents:

  1. Click the upload button on the left navigation bar. Upload your document or paste a URL.
    Equidox dashboard with the Import button emphasized.
  2. Review the document, revising elements that do not comply with the DIT Accesibility Guide.  For example, you should:
    • Add alternative text (alt text) for images. Good alt text should be concise but descriptive enough to convey all relevant information in the image.
    • Format headings to ensure that heading levels follow the correct heading structure.
    • Use descriptive text in hyperlinks. Link text should describe exactly what the URL leads to.
    • Other elements to consider include lists, tables, footnotes, form fields and quotes.
  3. Set the reading order for document elements. Make sure that the numbering matches the order in which the different elements should be read.

For more detailed instructions on how to use Equidox, visit the Equidox User Guide.


Get support

If you are unable to log in using the directions above, try again later as the University of Maryland has a limited number of licenses that can be used at the same time.

Click the Having Trouble? button on the right side of the dashboard to access Equidox Support. Alternatively, you can request support by contacting the IT Accessibility office at itaccessibility@umd.edu.