Schedule the One Button Studio (OBS)

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What is the One Button Studio?

A One Button Studio (OBS) is a simplified recording studio that gives users the ability to create a high-quality video recording without any previous video production experience. UMD’s One Button Studios provide everything needed to create a polished video project.


Who can use the One Button Studio (OBS)?

All UMD faculty, staff and students are able to use the One Button Studios.


Where are the One Button Studios located?

One Button Studios are located all over campus for your convenience.


How do I schedule a time in the One Button Studio?

  1. Go to
  2. Login and find the right studio for you.
  3. Schedule your time.
    • Studios can be scheduled in fifteen-minute increments.
    • Make sure to schedule enough time to familiarize yourself with the system and give yourself the option to record the presentation more than once/start over if you make a mistake.
    • NOTE: An hour is recommended, a maximum of two hours is allowed.
  4. Receive email confirmation.
    • You will automatically receive a confirmation email with your reservation information. Make sure to keep that email for future reference.
    • The studio will be unlocked when you arrive, and is not staffed.
  5. Check In.
    • Upon arriving at the studio, make sure to check-in to your reservation to confirm your arrival. You can do this on your personal device by clicking on the View this reservation link in the confirmation email, and then clicking the check in button.
    • NOTE: If you do not check in within 10 minutes after the start of your reservation, it is assumed you are not using the studio and it will be released for others to reserve.
  6. Check Out.
    • When you are done, please click the check-out button on your reservation page, this helps us track actual studio use.



If you have issues with scheduling the One Button Studio or with operating the technology, please email Classroom Support or call 301.405.2500.