Accessing Adobe Creative Suite From ELMS-Canvas

The University of Maryland provides free access to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications for all faculty, students and staff. Access to the software is available at TERPware. For ease of access, students and faculty can also access the resources via the Adobe Creative Cloud link on the ELMS-Canvas course menu.  

  1. Click on the Adobe Creative Cloud link in the course navigation menu. Provide your university email in the Adobe Sign-in pop-up window.


  2. Click on the Company or School Account option in the Select an account window.
  3. Log in with your Directory ID and password in the CAS login screen.
  4. The Adobe Creative Cloud application options vary depending upon the device you used to access them. Click on the Download button to initiate the download of the desired application to your device.
    NOTE: Once downloaded, these applications are not available from within ELMS-Canvas. The integration simply provides a portal to the Creative Cloud dashboard.


NOTE: Accessing this resource requires that your browser has pop-ups enabled. If pop-ups are not enabled you will not see the Adobe Sign-in window. For more information, see Download and Install Adobe Creative Cloud Applications.