Controlled Unclassified Information Environment (CUIE) FAQ

What is the purpose of the CUIE? 

Hosted in one of Division of IT's data centers, the CUI Environment provides investigators with a vault for uploading and storing files, virtual machines for performing analysis and a dynamic encryption process that prevents access to data by anyone but those designated by a principal investigator (PI) or file owner. The CUI Environment is NIST 800-171 compliant and is available for use by researchers handling and analyzing Controlled Unclassified Information.

Who should I reach out to for assistance with the CUIE? 

The CUIE is managed by Division of IT’s Research Technology group. They can be reached via email at or through DIT's Service Catalog

I’ve downloaded tiCrypt Connect, why do I not see the University of Maryland logo? 

In order to access the CUIE via tiCrypt Connect, users must be connected to Virtual Private Networking (VPN) at the University of Maryland.

My request for access to the CUIE has been approved. What should I expect next? 

Upon fulfillment of your CUIE access request, you will receive an email from a member of the Research Technology team with a New User Checklist. The checklist will include next steps. In addition, you will receive an invitation to the ELMS training module associated with the CUIE. 

Why does the system prompt me for my password multiple times after I’ve logged in? 

This is a security feature of tiCrypt. It adds an additional layer of confidentiality as you work in the system to re-confirm your access permissions.