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What is the CUI Environment?

The CUI Environment is a NIST 800-171 compliant vault used by researchers for handling and analyzing Controlled Unclassified Information. It is hosted in one of the Division of Information Technology's (DIT) data centers. The system provides investigators a place to upload and store files, and access virtual machines for performing analysis. It uses a dynamic encryption process that prevents access to data by anyone but those designated by a principal investigator (PI) or file owner.

To access the CUI Environment, you must connect to the University of Maryland's (UMD) Virtual Private Network (VPN) and use the tiCrypt Connect application.


How do I get access to tiCrypt?

You will only be granted access to download tiCrypt after your project PI has submitted a request to add you to the appropriate group to the Research Technology team. Furthermore, your account registration will only be approved after you have completed the prerequisite training in ELMS-Canvas and the Research Technology team has completed your identity check.

Supported web browsers for tiCrypt are Chrome and Firefox. 


Download tiCrypt and register for a CUI Environment account

  1. Connect to GlobalProtect Virtual Private Network client using the UMAccess-MFA VPN group.
  2. Go to TERPware and download the tiCrypt Connect.
  3. When you first launch the application, it will prompt you for a deployment file. Use the following link:
  4. Select the green arrow to start the application. If you do not see the University of Maryland logo, you have not connected to the VPN properly. 
  5. Select the Register button and follow the prompts to enter your information and create a passphrase that is used to secure your private key. Make sure to use you UMD email address ( during registration.
  6. The system will create a Private Key file that you should download and keep in a safe place. This private key is used to secure and encrypt all of the files you upload. If you misplace your key or forget your passphrase, your account will need to be escrowed in order to recover it. 
  7. After you have registered, your account will need to be approved by the system admins. You will be notified when the account is approved via email. 


Log in to the CUI Environment using the tiCrypt application

  1. Log in to the Connect to GlobalProtect Virtual Private Network using the VPN group. Launch the Global Protect client from your computer by clicking Connect and login. Once authenticated, GlobalProtect will show Connected. The TunnelAll Gateway must be selected in order to access tiCrypt.
  2. Launch the tiCrypt application from your computer. 
  3. In your web browser, click Launch Application if it is not launched. 
  4. Select the + icon to add your private key if it not already present. The private key file is a file you downloaded during registration and that you should store securely. 
  5. Enter your password for the tiCrypt application. You will now be logged into the system.