Complete Your PRD with Adobe Acrobat

You can use Adobe Acrobat to complete your PRD. You can fill out boxes in your PRD, sign it PRD and send it to others for signatures.

  1. Log into Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Locate your in-progress PRD document and open it. Select Tools in the top left corner.
    NOTE: For details, see Getting Started with Adobe Sign.
    The Tools option is located in the menu bar.
  3. Click Fill & Sign in the toolbar.
    Fill & Sign is the first option under Forms & Signatures.
  4. Click the Add Text icon, Ab, to add text to the form. Then, click the empty space on the form where you want to add text.
    Add Text is the first option in the Fill & Sign ribbon.
    Clicking on an empty space displays an editable field for you to add text.
  5. Use the other tools to complete any other information on the form.
    Other tools
  6. Once the text is completed, select Sign to place your signature on the form. If needed, select Add Signature.Click Add Signature in the Sign drop-down menu.
  7. Type, Draw or Upload a signature, then click Apply.
    Type or draw the signature and apply highlighted
  8. Click on the signature line to complete your signature.

    Click on signature space to apply the signature

  9. Use the Send and Track function in the right side toolbar.
    send and track
  10. Select Send Personalized Invitation. Then enter the email and a short message for the next person to receive the document. Click Send.
    send personalized invitation and send highlighted
  11. The recipient's email comes from Adobe Acrobat. It includes a link to open the form and shows who sent the form out for signatures. Once the PDF is access through this message, the next approver should complete the form by starting at step 1. Continue until form is completed.
    email notification