Instructor Guide to Honorlock

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NOTE: Honorlock is available by request only. To learn more, including associated fees, contact

Honorlock continues to add features and upgrades to its platform which are outlined on the Honorlock Release Notes page.

Honorlock in ELMS-Canvas provides identity verification and proctoring services for your students. As of August 29 2022, Honorlock is a fee-based service.  Faculty interested in integrating Honorlock with their ELMS-Canvas course must engage in a Memorandum of Understanding with DIT which acts as an Honorlock agent.  The cost of service is $12.50 per student exam session. The MOU will identify a KFS number for billing and a department or college representative who can authorize the expenditure. Send an email to to request a copy of the MOU.

Students can be directed to Honorlock Support for details about minimum operating system and browser requirements, e.g.,  MacOSX 10.14 and higher and Google Chrome version 93 and higher.  As of January 1, 2022 MacOSX 10.13 will no longer be supported by Honorlock.

NOTE: Certain student, faculty and staff information and privacy are protected by federal, state and other laws. Be sure you are meeting legal standards when using UMD audiovisual recording systems. For for more information on how to protect yourself and other UMD community members, visit Protect Student Privacy and Personally Identifiable Information in UMD Audiovisual Recording Systems.

Add Honorlock to your course navigation bar

  1. Click Settings in the course navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Navigation tab.
    ELMS-Canvas Navigation settings with text boxes explaining how to reach them.
  3. Drag Honorlock from the list of hidden pages to the course navigation. Click Save.
    ELMS-Canvas course navigations settings with an arrow pointing to the course navigation.


Enable Honorlock for an ELMS-Canvas exam

  1. Click the Honorlock link in the course navigation bar. All exams created with the ELMS-Canvas Quiz Tool will be listed.
  2. Click the enable button next to an exam to activate Honorlock for that particular exam. 


Search & Destroy

The revamped feature provides the structure to protect your exam questions, and encourages students to maintain academic integrity. For more information, see Search & Destroy Guide.


Proctoring options

Once Honorlock is enabled for an exam, students are required to use it. For each exam, you must configure proctoring options such as requiring photo ID, using a webcam and more. These options are controlled via toggle buttons. Grey exam icons mean a feature is not enabled.

After adjusting your settings, click the enable button again to save your settings. Your exams will be proctored by Honorlock.
NOTE: For more information, visit Explanation of Proctoring Options

Honorlock proctoring settings.


Browser Guard and Whitelist URLs

Browser Guard is an Honorlock feature that provides enhanced exam security. When enabled, BrowserGuard will prevent your students from accessing websites outside their exam, using other applications (such as Microsoft Word or Excel) and or resizing the test window to less than 90 percent of the screen. That said, the Browser Guard feature does not override or disable other Chrome extensions such as Google Translate or Grammarly that may be running in the background. The Honorlock AI does not detect such software.

To allow students to have access to specific websites, add the sites to the Exam Whitelist. For more information, visit BrowserGuard & Whitelisting - FAQ.


Instructions for students

Honorlock student guidelines. Here you can determine what students can and cannot do during the exam session.

Provide descriptive guidelines for students to know what is allowed during proctored exams. The following is an example of student instructions. Feel free to copy and paste for your own use.

If you will be using Honorlock for more than one assessment during the term, you may want to consider providing some language in your syllabus to help students understand what Honorlock is and why you are using it. Honorlock provides some suggested syllabus verbiage for you to consider.


Accommodation notes to Honorlock proctors

Honorlock accomodations field. Here you can provide Honorlock proctors with special testing accommodations for students.

In addition to the student-facing instructions, there is also a space for you to add any specific notes you have for our proctors. This is where you can list any students requiring specific accommodations. You should also copy and paste student-facing guidelines here. Note that students cannot see the directions listed under Accommodations. Below is an example of Proctor Guidelines. Feel free to copy and paste for your own use.


View Honorlock results

Honorlock provides a step-by-step PDF guide on Viewing Your Honorlock Results.


Exam profiles

Honorlock’s Quiz Profile Management tool allows you to save your exam settings so that you’re able to apply them to future exams. Creating a profile will provide a template that you can use to quickly populate your exam settings.

Learn more about Creating, Managing and Applying Exam Profiles.


Practice exam

Honorlock allows you to create a Practice Exam for students to prepare them for real testing with Honorlock. Once created, a basic 3-question exam will be provided.

For more information, visit How to Create a Practice Exam - Faculty Guide.


Best practices for Honorlock exams

Access Codes: It is important that you do NOT edit the Access Code that is set when you enable an assessment with Honorlock.  Editing or removing the access code will prevent students from entering the assessment or it could allow them to enter the assessment without proctoring.  For additional information, see Honorlock Access Codes.

Images: If you’re going to include any images or diagrams within your assessment, please ensure that you have granted your students permission to those files from within the ELMS Files area.

Browser Guard: If students are required to access an application outside of their exam, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, Browser Guard will need to be disabled for your assessment. See BrowserGuard and Allowed SITE URLS for details.

Whitelisting URLs: If you would like to allow your students to reference a website during the exam, you have the ability to whitelist specific URLs. Please keep in mind, the more granular the website URL, the better control over what content is able to be accessed by your students.  Visit BrowserGuard & Whitelisting - FAQ.

Support: Honorlock Support is available 24/7/365 for you and your students. Students are encouraged to reach out to Honorlock Support via LiveChat by clicking on the chat bubble at the bottom right of any Honorlock enabled assessment.

Chrome: Chrome is the only browser that Honorlock supports. Students will no longer be able to install the Honorlock extension on other non-supported Chromium based browsers and there will be prompts redirecting students back to Google Chrome.

For more information, see How to Use Honorlock (an Instructor's Guide video).