Scheduling Web-based Polling in TurningPoint

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For asynchronous web-based polling, it is recommended that instructors log in by selecting Clickers from an ELMS-Canvas course menu or go to This portal allows instructors to create content and schedule polling with outcomes that can be uploaded to their ELMS-Canvas course gradebook.

TurningPoint web-based scheduled polling is not available for live classroom polling at the University of Maryland. If you are already familiar with the desktop version, be aware that you cannot use your desktop Manage tab for polls created with these instructions.

Creating New Content

  1. Login to your ELMS-Canvas course and select Clickers from the course menu. 
  2. If you haven’t already added an ELMS-Canvas course roster to TurningPoint, select the Canvas tab and Add the course from the list of your courses.
    Prohibitory sign around Create Course and arrow pointing to Add under the Add Cousrse section.
  3. Select Active Courses.
  4. Select the course for which you want to set up a poll.
    Active Courses tab with 2 course listed and the Select button highlighted.
  5. Select Create.
    Create Content pop-up with Polling Example as the title.
  6. Type a name for your polling content.
  7. Select Create Content.
    Content tab with an arrow pointing to the Create Content button next to Create Folder.

    Create Dropdown: Multiple Choice(higlighted), Short Answer, Numeric Response, Hotspot and Content Text.
  8. Add questions to your poll. You can choose from a variety of question types and continue to add questions and answers until your poll is completed.
  9. Select Schedule at the top of the window.
    Schedule button next to the Start button.
  10. Fill out the form as desired.
    Example of completed form.
     Note: if you select Require Participant Sign In, you will not get the options for First Name, Last Name, and Email.
  11. Select Schedule.


Running Your Session

Once your content is scheduled you can share it with your participants by clicking the Share button. This will give you the option to copy a link that, when followed, will allow students to participate in your scheduled session.
Share join link pop-up

Preparing your Students

You can share this link with students either by email or using Announcements in your ELMS-Canvas course. Be sure to communicate the schedule (start and finish dates and times) that you created for this poll.


Accessing Results

  1. Sign in to TurningPoint by selecting Clickers from an ELMS-Canvas course menu or go to
  2. Select the course for which you created a polling session.
  3. Click Results at the top of the page.
  4. Select Sessions.
  5. Select Reports.
    Accessing Results steps 3-5.

Uploading grades to ELMS-Canvas

  1. Select the Results tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow next to Export.
  3. Select Canvas.
    Export drop-down menu: Canvas and File Export.

Grades will not be ready to upload until your scheduled session has ended. Each time you upload grades to your ELMS-Canvas course, a new column will be created using the date and time of the upload as a title.

Additional help is available for scheduling a poll in TurningPoint Web by emailing or by contacting Turning Technologies Support at 866.746.3015.