Stories of Inclusive Technology Video Series

The University of Maryland (UMD) is committed to creating and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive educational and working environment for people with disabilities and to ensuring equal access to information and services for all its constituencies.

This video series addresses the growing need to make electronic content accessible for all users. Contact for more information and assistance on how to make your online course accessible to all. 

The Stories of Inclusive Technology Video Series was produced by Colorado State University Ventures and published by UMD with permission. 

Inclusion, Diversity and Disability

Inclusion, Diversity and Disability - Audio Description

Legislation and Disability Rights

Legislation and Disability Rights – Audio Description

Tech for Reading

Tech for Reading – Audio Description

Tech for Writing

Tech for Writing – Audio Description

Tech in the Classroom

Tech in the Classroom – Audio Description

Inclusive Web

Inclusive Web – Audio Description

Inclusive Video

Inclusive Video – Audio Description