Importing Templates from Canvas Commons to ELMS

Instructional designers from the DIT LTS team and the Teaching and Learning Transformation Center (TLTC) have developed a set of templates for ELMS course space development. Templates enable faculty to quickly set up the ELMS course spaces without having to start from scratch. Templates provide a framework for course development and allow for formatting consistency. All elements of the template are editable. You can import those templates from Canvas Commons to your ELMS course spaces.

Follow the steps below to import the Canvas Course template from Canvas Commons.

  1. In Canvas, click Commons in the global navigation.
  2. In Commons, in the Search field, enter ELMS Templates, TLTC Online Template or TLTC Simplified Template.
  3. All ELMS templates will be displayed on the page. Those templates include various layouts and organizations.
  4. To preview a template, click the blue template title. Click the Preview.
  5. To import or download a template to your ELMS course space:
    • Click the Import/Download button on the right side of the next screen.
    • Under Import into Canvas, select the course(s) into which you want to import the template.
    • Click the Import into Course button at the bottom of the page.
    • You should be able to view the import status notification at the top of your screen. 
      NOTE: It may take a while to see the template loaded in your course.